It’s Movember!

November (or Movember!) is a month that reminds us to focus on the health of a group in our

community who don’t often attend the doctor.  The men!  The Movember foundation is a global organisation committed to improving men’s health.  It focuses on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health issues and physical inactivity.  Men present less often to doctors in Ireland than women and may be uncomfortable asking for help.

So what is relevant to men in Ballincollig?

  • Prostate cancer

​It is the second commonest cancer among men in Ireland. Very often it is a completely silent illness.  A simple physical examination of the prostate gland can be done in your GP’s surgery.  Coupled with a blood test it can identify cancer, possibly at an early stage.

There is a super rapid access prostate cancer service in Cork University Hospital and men will be seen there very quickly if any abnormality is detected.  So if you, or the man in your life is over 50; off you go to your GP and get checked out!

  • Testicular cancer

It tends to affect much younger men, from the age of 15 to 34 it is the commonest cancer.  We encourage all young men to examine their testicles often and pop down to their GP if they find any lump or swelling that is unusual.  It is a very treatable cancer with more than 95% success in the early stages of disease.

  • Physical inactivity

This is another problem in Irish society as a whole.  We encourage all men (and women!) to use this month to increase their exercise.  Being more active has huge benefits for health including weight control, improved mood, better quality sleep and lower blood pressure.  Even walking briskly for 30 minutes per day five days a week can have a huge impact on health.

  • Mental health

This an integral part of health.  Mental illness is a medical problem that men can conceal from those closest to them, they can even struggle to recognise they have a problem with their mental health.  We want to remind men this month to stay connected to their community, talk to family and friends, socialize and get out and about.  Talk in privacy with your doctor if you are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and sadness.

  • Men’s Shed

A way for men to socialise locally is to join the local men’s shed.  It is open men of all ages and abilities and is a place for men to meet and undertake agreed activities.  Contact Sean on for more information.

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